2014 Rates

The Footbridge North Hotel is a quiet and intimate hotel perfect for the adult traveler who is searching for a peaceful, relaxing retreat. Located just 2 miles from the Wells Amtrak station and 27 miles from the Portland Jetport. The Atlantic beaches are just over 1 mile away and 3 miles from the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. We are unable to accommodate children. There isn’t a child guest rate. There is no playground or play area for children.

The Footbridge North Rates are based on the dates of your stay and the type of room(s). There are three categories; (1) Kitchenettes (2) Doubles and (3) Suites*. The Kitchenettes include a king size bed, a gas stove, refrigerator, sink and full bathroom. The Doubles include two full sized beds, refrigerator, counter area and a full bathroom. Each Kitchenette is adjacent with a Double and have an adjoining door. When the two rooms are rented, they form a suite. *For suite accommodations, please call us directly for pricing and availability. There is (1) Handicap Accessible room with a queen size bed, refrigerator, counter area and full bathroom.


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